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Who We Are

The digital world is evolving faster than ever before, and the only way to stay ahead of the game is by evolving with the change. At Nerdster Design, we live and breathe digital marketing! We are the nerds of the digital age and are always looking for new technologies to sharpen our skills.

Our expertise lies in delivering services to enhance and optimize online technologies for your brand. We specialize in developing, designing and maintaining of websites and mobile applications. It is our vision to enable your customers to experience meaningful digital interactions with your company, allowing you to build trusting, strong and long-lasting relationships.


We specialise in

Nerdster Design - Pay Per Click PPC Services


Our PPC campaigns target the right audience, at the right time and at the right place. The best way to instantly spread through the digital world.

Nerdster Design - Search Engine Optimizations SEO


Steering traffic towards your website by executing a near perfect content strategy to enhance your search engine results.

Nerdster Design - Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing

The most important marketing platform today, our team of experts deliver a dynamic and engaging social media marketing strategy.

Nerdster Design - Analytics Services


Get a deeper insight into digital marketing with the power of analytics as it gives us the performance data to better ROI and reduce marketing expenditure.

Nerdster Design - Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimisation

What good are visitors if they are not being converted into paying customers? Our CRO strategy ensures that you have the right system for customer conversion.

Nerdster Design - Brand Strategy Services

Brand Strategy

You need a strong and attractive brand strategy to get known in the world and stand out. We will help you establish and market your brand.

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Our Skills

Graphic design 80%
Digital marketing 90%
Development 90%
Branding 95%
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