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What we've done

examineme.co.uk, a rising health and wellness platform in the UK, sought a comprehensive digital makeover. Their vision was to create a user-friendly, engaging online presence that resonates with their audience.

Nerdster Design’s Journey with examineme.co.uk:

  1. Logo Creation: The journey began with crafting a unique and memorable logo that embodied ExamineMe’s ethos – combining wellness and modernity.
  2. Website Development and Design: Using WordPress, a versatile and user-friendly CMS, and WooCommerce Nerdster Design developed a sleek, responsive website. The design focused on ease of navigation and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  3. Custom Portal Design & Implementation: Leveraging Laravel and PHP, a custom portal was developed. This portal addressed specific client needs – managing appointments, user interactions, and personalised health tracking functionalities.
  4. Mobile App Development: To enhance accessibility, a mobile app was created using React Native. This app mirrored the website’s functionality while offering the convenience of on-the-go access.
  5. Integrating OpenAI: Advanced features, including AI-driven health tips and appointment scheduling, were integrated using OpenAI technology, enhancing the platform’s interactivity and intelligence.
Nerdster Design - Digital Marketing

Technologies used

WordPress / WooCommerce, Laravel, PHP, React, and OpenAI.


The collaboration resulted in a comprehensive digital platform that stands out in the health sector. ExamineMe.co.uk now boasts a visually appealing, functionally robust website and app, leading to increased user engagement, higher traffic, and positive user feedback.


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