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Designers. Storytellers. Strategists. We are Nerdster Design.

At Nerdster Design, we know how important it is for a company to have a strong internet marketing strategy. Our services have been designed to cater to the needs of our clients who wish to stand out from the rest of the world. We work with you to understand your uniqueness and offer you customized internet marketing services as per your needs.
Nerdster Design - Pay Per Click PPC Services


Our PPC campaigns target the right audience, at the right time and at the right place. The best way to instantly spread through the digital world.

Nerdster Design - Search Engine Optimizations SEO Services


Steering traffic towards your website by executing a near perfect content strategy to enhance your search engine results.

Nerdster Design - Social Media Management Services

Social media marketing

The most important marketing platform today, our team of experts deliver a dynamic and engaging social media marketing strategy.

Nerdster Design - Analytics Icon


Get a deeper insight into digital marketing with the power of analytics as it gives us the performance data to better ROI and reduce marketing expenditure.

Nerdster Design - Digital Marketing Icon

Conversion Rate Optimisation

What good are visitors if they are not being converted into paying customers? Our CRO strategy ensures that you have the right system for customer conversion.

Nerdster Design - E-Commerce Icon

Brand Strategy

You need a strong and attractive brand strategy to get known in the world and stand out. We will help you establish and market your brand.

Made to Impress

The only way to convert people to your side is to impress them beyond their imagination and that is exactly what we do!

Optimized to be User Friendly

Your website is built with SEO and Digital Marketing in mind, allowing the user to find and interact with ease!

A Responsive & Awesome Website Design

Whenever we start building a website, we keep one thing in mind, ‘It must look awesome!’ We also keep SEO and multi-platform compatibility in mind too!

Customized Only For You

We design you a completely new website from the ground up with your audience and brand in mind!

A Customer-to-Nerdster Relationship

We work with you one-to-one as you get regular updates from our project manager allowing you to give your feedback and make any necessary changes as per your wishes!

Easy & Simple Content Management

With our CMS you can make edits and add content as you wish, whenever, wherever you want to!

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